Nestling in the Bovlei Valley, just outside Wellington, the Andreas Wine Estate is a hidden gem comprising 4.5 hectares of vineyards, an elegant eighteenth-century house and lush gardens. It’s the ideal base from which to explore the winelands and Cape Town area.

Archaeological evidence suggests that the site of Andreas was occupied more than 300,000 years ago by the Acheulean people. More recently, Andreas was one of the first Huguenot settlements in the valley and the estate resonates with historical charm and elegance from this era.

Long, hot summer days, cooled by late afternoon breezes, chilly, wet winters and sandy and loamy soils combine to provide the perfect terroir for Andreas’ award-winning Syrah. Small, dark and flavoursome berries are at the heart of this noble cultivar, transformed into magnificent wine in our cellar.

In 2015 the estate was acquired by a group of U.K. wine enthusiasts under the banner of Andreas Wine Trading. Their ambition is to build on the heritage and reputation of the estate and its wine, taking both to new levels of excellence.

Luxury Accommodation

Andreas offers exclusive luxury 4-star accommodation for the discerning traveller, tailored to fit the individual.


The same care and dedication lavished on our guests goes into the making of Andreas’ exclusive, award-winning Syrah.

Area & Activities

If you are looking for a relaxing escape from the city or a base for your travels, this is the perfect location. Read about things to do whilst visiting Andreas.